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Thursday, September 30, 2010

BBQ Grill Covers

When my sister and her family stayed with us during the two-month Summer vacation, we had our endless fill of grilled stuff. My husband and my brother-in-law, grilled almost everything -pork, chicken, beef, veggies. Summer and barbecue go well together. My nieces really enjoyed picnics at the park and bonfire at the beach, especially when we take our ever-dependable grill. But summer vacation came to an end, and my sister went back to Arizona, barbecue days sort-of left with them. School opened and everybody got busy. Much as we would want to, we got too busy for barbecues, not to mention the downpours that came the first few weeks of school. It's not fun to barbecue on wet days. Our poor grill was forgotten at the back porch. Forgotten, but not neglected. Thanks to heavy duty grill covers, like the one we have. It kept our grill safe and protected from harsh weather and crazy critters.

 Well,  we did not really say goodbye to our grill, we just waited for the cooler fall days, which -by the way- are here now. I can almost smell barbecue again -yay! Now that we have adjusted to school life and things are less hectic, we'll  BBQ again, perhaps we'll start  this weekend. It's really a good thing we got BBQ grill covers. Now, we do not have a lot of cleaning to do with our BBQ grill, and there's hardly any damage from the previous downpours. BBQ anyone?



ruthi said...

we need this especially now that winter is just a couple of months away.

RNSANE said...

You know, Tes, I never grill outside - not in years, anyway, and I love the taste of barbecue. I have it only when I visit someone else. It is always so chilly here, even most of the time in summer...though we've had really warm temperatures here of late.

Cher said...

i'm in for a BBQ party, yay!

Ayie said...

that grill cover looks great =)

Ranjit said...

I love to BBQ as well, but I have always dreaded the cleaning process, especially after a long time of not using it. I would say that a quality BBQ cover is one of the better investments that I have made in terms of keeping my grill from getting destroyed by bad weather and animals.

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