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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Donna Karan Home

Some time back, Dood and I went to Las Vegas to watch a concert of one of my favorite Korean singers. Why travel to Vegas for that? Well, simply because there is no other way for me to see him perform live. He is a Korea-based performer and only did a US-tour, so i grabbed the chance. It was December, so we decided to spend our anniversary in Vegas at the same time. We were off from work for the two weeks -winter break- so we booked a good hotel and stayed for a week. Of all our vacations, that stay in Vegas made me reflect on the ambiance of the room. The beauty of our hotel room convinced us to redo our bedroom in such a way that we will feel like we are on a vacation.

When we got back to Houston, that was the first thing we did. Little by little, we remodeled our master bedroom. I got my inspiration from the Donna Karan Home. They are committed to providing their customers the finest in luxury bedding, bath accessories and window treatment products. Donna Karan Home bedding creates an instant makeover for your master or guest bedrooms. Their bath accessories can transform your bathroom into a place where function meets style. And, the window treatments can decorate any room with ease. 

It took some time, but we were finally able to to finish redesigning our master bedroom. Now, even if  we're just home, it feels like we're on a vacation.



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