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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drug Rehab

There are many reasons why people resort to alcohol or substance abuse. One of the major reasons, is stress. I know because a good friend of mine was a victim of this horrifying nightmare. He is one of the finest people I've known. He was active in our parish and use to find joy in service. He married at the right age of 25, to his girlfriend of 5 years. They were God-fearing couple even before they got married. They were both actively involve in church ministry. They had their first child a year after getting married. They had two more after their first. each one just a year apart. Life was good, or so it seems.

My good friend owns and operates a private school bus, and his wife is a high school teacher. With three kids it was ok at first, but the bus started to act up. Repairs here and there, they're barely making a profit with much of the pay going to repairs. Milk was costly and so was babysitting. His wife cannot afford to give up her job, just in case the school bus go berserk, at least, one of them has work. Fast forward, after some time, their fear was realized, the school bus finally broke down and they have to give up the small business because it was difficult to commit with too many beak downs. Life dragged, but they persevered to make ends meet.

One time, one of the bus operators invited my friend to a party, and little did we know, he was initiated to a substance that allowed him to temporarily forget this problems. Then one thing led to another, and before he knew it, he was too deep in his addiction. He changed, become estranged to his wife and even to his kids. He even started stealing. His wife was at the verge of divorcing him already, when he was brought to prison for stealing. At that time, the only option for him was to willingly subject to drug rehab. If he does, he will not go to jail. He fought against it, thinking he can rehabilitate himself. The only thing that made him subject to it were his children. He agreed to do it after seeing their sad faces.

If not for my friend, I would not have believed drug treatment works. After a year in rehab, my friend came out a changed man. The training was rigorous. The life in the center was difficult (in a good way). They were taught discipline and were oriented about responsibility.  He said, he will gladly recommend it to anyone with drug problems, even people who need alcohol treatment. Like drug rehab, alcohol rehab is worth a go. A second life is always worth everything.

My friend and his wife celebrated their 13th anniversary and unexpectedly had another child. I enthusiastically share his story over and over again in the hope that people will trust the power of drug rehab. Let rehab be a gift to yourself or to your loved ones who are trapped in substance or alcohol abuse.



Mikey said...

It proves that drug addict gonna work through a difficult time with fully support from surrounding and a their strong will. Very nice article.

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