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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Golf At Glen Oaks Country Club

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

Glen Oaks Country Club used to be the Mecca of all country clubs on Long Island. This was the case in regards to food, service, stature, and golf. What ruined all of this? Bernie Madoff. At least 50% of the members at Glen Oaks Country Club on Long Island had their money with Madoff, and many of them got wiped out. Fortunately, I only lost 50%. Strange statement yet true.

I still have enough money to play golf at Glen Oaks. I'm ecstatic about this. The courses are narrow, which makes them challenging. There are also a lot of natural obstacles. But most of all, you get amazing beauty when you play there. And if you like service, a caddy is available. If you ever get invited to play, be sure to take up the offer. You won't regret it.
My Saturdays are often the same. I wake up, do my workout, set my home Los Angeles adt alarm so I can protect my other 50%, and head to Glen Oaks. Everyone there greets me with a smile. After a quick sandwich, I head on out. The only negative is that I'm not able to choose which course I want to play. That will depend on how crowded each course is at the time. But it doesn't really matter. They're all beautiful. I truly enjoy nature so how I play isn't as important as just being outside. But a good score makes for a perfect day.


Ruthi said...

congrats for the guest post sis.

Cher said...

hi Tes, miss you!!!

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