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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Love Story That Never Goes Out of Style

This guest post from Josue Nichols

One of my favorite television mini-series I managed to catch on Virginia satellite TV was Jane Eyre. I loved the book as a young girl, still savored it as an adult woman, but to see it acted out in the flesh was great.

To me, the story is timeless -- a young girl, played by the gorgeous Ruth Wilson, is hired as a governess by a mysterious man with whom she becomes enamored. The feeling is mutual, until she finds out about the crazy wife locked up in the tower. There's heartbreak and a bittersweet ending that satisfies the cynic in me that says truly happy endings are rare, and the romantic schmuck that hopes for them anyway.

The mini-series was fabulous. Toby Stephens, as the brooding and mysterious Mr. Rochester, really did the role justice. The show captured the atmosphere of a time gone by and the repressive environment of that particular era. And who can't relate to a love gone good, then bad, then good again?

Costuming was wonderful, and I think the director did a good job translating a beloved classic story into a captivating film. I will definitely watch it again, just like I've re-read the book a hundred times. Tragic love stories never go out of style.


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