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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yam and the Squirrels

This photo was taken from one of our countless park days during the long Summer break. My niece, Miriam, came across a friendly squirrel, and fondly observed it. The squirrel did not mind at all that he was being observed. He was busy collecting acorns. To Miriam's delight, another squirrel appeared. Apparently, Mr. and Mrs.Squirrel have a date! They looked cute chasing each on the branches and around the grassy park.

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ruthi said...

awesome! i also enjoy watching these little guys in our backyard.

Tekkaus said...

Squirrels can be seen anywhere over there huh! :D

Cher said...

squirrels are the current fave subject of the hubby in his photo shoots. :)

Ann said...

Those are wonderful pictures. I love watching the squirrels, they can be so entertaining

George said...

These are cute pictures of the squirrels. You did a good job of capturing them.

betchai said...

beautiful shots of the squirrel Tes, I too have lots of squirrel photos I have not uploaded at all, the busyness of this year :)

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