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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Baking is One of the Best Parts of the Season

Thanks to Roman May

October is here again, and that means it's time to start fall baking. I was getting ready to make an apple crisp a few days ago, when I realized that I was out of several key ingredients, including the apples! So, I got ready to head to the store.
With a grocery list in hand, along with several important coupons, I set the Security Choice home security alarm, backed out of the garage, and made my way to the nearest grocery store. Once there, I stocked up on apples, brown sugar, and even a couple of pre-made pie crusts, to have on hand for the time when a pumpkin pie craving strikes.

I got back home about 45 minutes later, and set to mixing the filling for the apple crisp. While I was stirring up the ingredients for the glaze, I realized that none of my baking dishes were clean, and had to put everything aside in order to clean one of the pans.

After the dish was cleaned out, I was finally ready to pour the apple crisp mix into it and start the baking. Then, however, came the hardest part. Of course, the hardest part was waiting for the apple crisp to be done cooking! After so many delays in the cooking, from missing groceries to dirty pans, the apple crisp tasted sweeter than ever.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Deep Fried Cupcakes

Guest post written by Sarah Long

Just when I thought that cupcakes couldn't get any more delicious. I know that paying five dollars is really ridiculous for one cupcake, but I jsut can't resist from paying that much when I go into a cute bakery and see them sitting there behind the window. So when I heard that there was such a thing as deep fried cupcakes at the state fair, I had even more of a reason to go to it this year.

Even before I went to the fair, i was really curious about how they did that with a cupcake, so I looked it up with my wireless internet service and found that they deep fried the cake part of the cupcake and then put the icing on top of the fried part. I didn't think that you could fry it with the icing on the cupcake anyway.

Well, when I finally tried fried cupcakes I did really like it a lot because it was all deep fried mixed in with the sweet too, which really balanced out everything.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Cable? No Problem!

Guest post written by Candice Burgeon

My husband and I are avid TV watchers. Now that we are retired, we find ourselves relaxing and watching all of our favorite programs. We try and get out often, but we sometimes find that we have a lot of down time, so we spend a lot of time together in the living room.

After several years of great service, we’ve been having trouble with our cable connection. This definitely upset us. If we don’t have access to our programs, we tend to get a little stir-crazy around the house.

I went to call Time Warner Cable to resolve our problem, but I could barely hear the operator and make an appointment.

Shortly after, I finally decided to go downtown and purchased the hearing aids I was looking at on I then went back home to set things straight.

After scheduling an appointment, my husband discovered that wait without cable until next week.

Now that we’re temporarily without cable, we’re trying to get out a little more. The TV is great, but we both agree that it really is no substitute for spending quality time together out of the house.

My Favorite HGTV Show!

Guest post written by Christine Duncan

One of my favorite satellite TV shows is House Hunters International on HGTV or Home and Garden Television that we get through tv from There are two reason that I like this show.
One of them is because of the way that Suzanne Wang introduces the show. When she introduces the show she starts off by coming up with some witty clever introduction on the couple or family that is currently looking for a second home over seas. Usually it is some place that the couple of family loves as a vacation spot but sometimes it is a location that the couple or family wants to have a second business. After you are introduced to the family it starts to make you wonder what they for a living.

The second reason that I love this show is because of the locations that they go to find a home. Most of the time they are looking for a vacation home and sometimes they are just looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of their old location. The locations that are shown on House Hunters are mostly beach locations. I like trying to figure out which home the couple or family will go with. It is a mystery in itself, but sometimes you can figure out which one they would like to purchase as their vacation home or business home. This show is my favorite satellite real estate TV show!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Helping Schools Through Volunteering

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

As a piano teacher in my spare time, it pained me to hear that my kid's school was cutting the music program. I went to the principal to see if anything could be done. It turns out that they were hoping to rally up volunteers to get some kind of after school program. Obviously, I was more than happy to help, but I had to clear it up with my teenage because I wasn't sure how she would react to having me attending her school.

This wasn't my 1st time volunteering at my kid's school. I also have helped them at fundraisers, chaperoned dances and I'd attended some field trips, but like I said, this would be my 1st real time commitment. Once I got the okay from her, I called the principal and let him know I would be available to help. The next Monday after setting up the ADT security alarm, I headed off for my first day working with the musicians in the music club. It's mostly about keeping the students focused on the music and helping them read higher levels of sheet music. I love being able to hear the original works of these young musicians and help mold the sound that they are trying to develop. It's usually a weekly 1 to 2 hour commitment that's well worth the time.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Miriam Turned Ten

I had been tied up and a bit too busy last week, I have not been able to blog for a long while. I would have wanted to blog about my niece's birthday. Better late than never, right?

Miriam turned ten last Thursday -September 23. The night before, when the kids were fast asleep, we wrapped a gift for her and placed it on top of her bookshelf. We also placed two birthday cards -one from Doods and me; and another from her sisters. Boy was she surprised when she woke up! She was clueless. Teehee. Doods got her a pink Nintendo DS. Yam earned it, she deserved it. We received her  report card already -the first- and she has wonderful grades. Good enough considering she's a new student  in their school. We know she worked hard in school.

The class -spearheaded by Mr Mitchell and Ms Spittler, also gave Yam a birthday card. Yam was thrilled.

Happy Birthday, Yam! May you continue to be God-fearing, fun-loving,  focused, and people-oriented. We love you, Baby!


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