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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Cable? No Problem!

Guest post written by Candice Burgeon

My husband and I are avid TV watchers. Now that we are retired, we find ourselves relaxing and watching all of our favorite programs. We try and get out often, but we sometimes find that we have a lot of down time, so we spend a lot of time together in the living room.

After several years of great service, we’ve been having trouble with our cable connection. This definitely upset us. If we don’t have access to our programs, we tend to get a little stir-crazy around the house.

I went to call Time Warner Cable to resolve our problem, but I could barely hear the operator and make an appointment.

Shortly after, I finally decided to go downtown and purchased the hearing aids I was looking at on I then went back home to set things straight.

After scheduling an appointment, my husband discovered that wait without cable until next week.

Now that we’re temporarily without cable, we’re trying to get out a little more. The TV is great, but we both agree that it really is no substitute for spending quality time together out of the house.


Self Sagacity said...

Pretty cool to have time to watch TV/ I miss it.

Ayie said...

TV is practically a luxury for me these days, my time is very limited. Too little time so much to do

betchai said...

i seldom watch TV and no time to watch movies anymore, like the authors, there are so many things to do and enjoy out of the doors :) they are my cable to the real world

ruthi said...

like Betchai... i seldom watch TV too and if ever I do I usually watch Travel channel or forensic tv shows.

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