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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dependable Hiking Shoes

This recent Thanksgiving break, my husband and I had an opportunity to do a photo-walk with blogger friends, Beth and her husband, Khai, who are also photo enthusiasts like us. The couple invited us to go hiking with them at Utah. Doods and I were so excited to join Beth and Khai. And we were also excited to explore Utah, considered as photographer's paradise. It is also a favorite destination of hikers because of the trails that boast of scenic views.

When I was making my checklist for the upcoming hike, hiking shoes topped my list. The last thing I want is for my old beat-up hiking shoes to breakdown in the middle of a nowhere. A good hiking shoes is always worth investing on. Dr. Martens is not just popular brand, it is also respected in the shoe industry. It boasts of shoes that sets the standard for durability, comfort and fashion. When it comes to hiking shoes, Doc martens can be relied upon. My husband and I have several pairs shoes that have kept us company for over ten years despite its heavy use. Trustworthy and dependable.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Day at the Library

Post contributed by Toni Jensen

Every morning around 9, I set my home alarm from as I head off to the library in Georgia. I go to the library for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is because I can think straight. As you already know, inside the library is a quiet and serene environment which allows me to forget about the outside world and really just think about everything. I always choose a booth where no one will distract me and just sit and think about life, my goals, and what I want to do for that day.

After I've sat long enough, I'll start getting me some books together to check out. I enjoy inspiration and motivation books, so I always round up about 7 books before I leave. Once I've picked the books I want I locate an open computer and start to work in my online classes. The library I go to has plenty of computers but they are always taken and people are always waiting on them. For this reason I only get an hour on the computer each day.

Once I've finished my hour, I get my things together and I might sit in my corner another minute to decide what I want my next move to be. Once I've done this and checked out my books, I head out with plans of returning tomorrow.

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