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Monday, December 20, 2010

Doods Got a Ticket!

Geez, two days ago, on our drive here to Arizona from Houston, we were speeding up along I-10 (by Sonora, Texas) some minutes before 8PM when out of the blue, intermittent flashing of red, white and blue lights glowed from a dark corner followed by the loud siren of a state trooper's car. Yikes! Doods knew that those flashing lights were meant for us because we were the only ones traversing along that quiet interstate! Yes, we were pulled over for over-speeding! The thing is, Doods and I fell in conversation and he did not notice our speed. We were running at 83 mph at 65mph limit.  Fine: $188.00-huhuhu. With Defensive driving, it might be reduced to $108. This is his second over-speeding ticket since we moved here in the US some seven years ago. I hope the last one! :(  By the way, this is also where he got his first over-speeding ticket in 2003, on our way back from California to Houston, Texas. What's with that spot anyway?! I wonder!


betchai said...

Oh Tes, sorry to hear about that, yes, it happens when we talk and we forget about the driving, Khai always tell me not to distract him when he is driving, so I shut my mouth when there is traffic light, when there is a turn, when we have to make right turn, etc. However, we talk a lot like you do in highways, where we think driving is smooth and no problem, and that's when we forget about the speeding. Khai is lazy to step on the gas in the freeway though, so he just uses cruise control, maybe that is the reason why a lot of cars were speeding past us :)

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