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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fright Fest @ Six Flags, San Antonio

Am posting this a tad late, we all got a bit busy around here. Doods and I took the girls to Six Flags the day before Halloween. Six Flags has Freight Fest the whole month of October. The park was transformed into a huge Halloween Park. Ghouls and Goblins prowled freely around the park. Yikes! The girls loved it. There were several shows including Monster Mash, a concert featuring Gothic-looking performers swinging to some popular rock songs.

Doods and the scary walking doll

Therese goofing at the bars while we wait for our turn at the bump car

Finally, Bugs arrives!

Therese, Cate and Yam gets a chance to pose with Bugs

and Silvester too

Gearing up to watch Monster Mash

We did not get front seats, but we were in the second row -yay!

Monster Mash rocks!


kasthurirajam said...

beautiful shots

betchai said...

yey, another wonderful post from you Tes, we are indeed enjoying your vacation :)

Tes, sorry, I forgot to add in my post that the picture with me was taken by you :) I was so focused on endorsing fresh wicked moment, that I forgot about it. I hope you don't mind I used the picture you took of me, I love it so much and I thought it is fitting for fresh wicked moment.

c yah around and soon.

betchai said...

hahaha, oopsie,

i mean, we are indeed enjoying our vacation :)

the girls are lovely, hope they will have a good time in SoCal too.

Cheryl said...

What fun this trip must have been! And even better that you can enjoy it with the girls. Happy memories being made!

Tekkaus said...

What's up doc? :D

George said...

This sounds like a great time at the park. It looks as if you all had a great time.

Icy BC said...

The girls are beautiful, and a fun trip you all must have had.

Happy holidays!

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