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Friday, December 17, 2010

Kia Is Dependable

Some years ago when Kia was beginning to make headlines, it was selling a tad cheaper than most cars. It was not that popular then. After all  it was younger than most of its counterparts. It is a good thing though because the Car Dealer was giving a good deal. My brother was looking around to buy his first car. He checked out a Kia Dealer did not hesitate to take his chances with a Kia. There was something about the make of this particular Kia that really appealed to my brother. And he loved the color on sight! He did not have to think twice, he took a risk and plunged. His decision paid off. He had a really good deal on his Kia Rio and despite being a baby in the industry, Kia really proved its worth.

The service was also to boast. He had his first Kia Oil Change and was pleased with the service. I guess Kia's service is evident in how well my brother's car is running even after all these years -smooth!

After that initial experience with Kia, the family became an instant fan. When my brother-in-law was canvasing for a bigger vehicle for his growing family, he did not hesitate to check out the Different Kia Models. He found a style that will  best fit their lifestyle. They bought a Kia Ceres, and just like my brother, they were not disappointed with Kia's performance. Kia is Dependable!


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