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Friday, December 17, 2010

Monica's First Christmas Dress

Christmas shopping is one of those inevitable things that we just succumb to! This year though, there's been some changes. There's an addition to our shopping list, my six-month old niece, Monica! It will be her first Christmas. The whole family is excited to buy her her first Christmas dress. Doods, I and my three other nieces went to several stores to check out some baby clothes. We were blown away by the cute and dainty little people's clothes! We had a hard time deliberating which one of those countless lovely dresses we'll buy. In the end, we settled for a white, flowy, organza that has intricate laces. It has soft velvet top, and a flowy organza skirt attached to it. The dress is fit for a little princess.

Can't wait to drive to Arizona to see baby Monica and find out how the lovely dress will look on her. Her three older sisters are excited to dress her up. She looks like a doll! So cute!


RNSANE said...

Oh, Tes, the guest posts are nice but I love seeing you here again. I do realize how busy you are with the increase in the size of your family and all that entails, especially now at the holiday season. I am sure you and the girls ( and even Doods ) enjoyed dress shopping for little Monica! Having had three BOYS, I was so deprived of that thrill. They never liked anything I got and, as soon as they reached their teens, they laid down the law - "Don't get us anything else, Mom!" They wanted to do their own shopping! I am so excited I am having my first grandchild in late July and I just hope it is a girl!!!!

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

The dress sounds like it was made for a princess. Looking forward to seeing pictures of little Monica in the dress!

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