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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Peaceful Feeling

Author: Isiah Williams

It's early morning and we wake up to that amazing sight, the first snowfall of winter. How beautiful it looks, as it softly falls on the trees and lawns. My husband and I sit in the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee and watch as it begins to gather in the driveway. As pretty as it is, we both know, it will soon be time to get out that shovel and clean off that pavement. Today is Saturday and having nothing better to do, we take a walk in the freshly fallen snow. The crisp, cool air is invigorating after a long, hot summer. We stop and talk to a few neighbors, who are already sweeping off their stairs and bushes. Arriving back home, we decide tomorrow is another day and we will leave this picture of natures beauty until we really have to disturb it. Tonight, we will enjoy the snow, an evening of DirectStarTV and worry about the chore of digging out tomorrow. As we get ready to turn in for the night, a peaceful feeling comes over us, as we watch the snow twinkling so brightly, like little stars within the trees.


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