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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pedestal Mailboxes

Arizona unlike Texas always enjoys a white Christmas. On our long drive to my sisters home from Houston to Arizona, we were regaled by beautiful Christmas decors. It was a lovely sight to see snow covered roofs and snowed pine trees that looks as if they have icing on.

We also saw an amco pedestal mailbox that was prettily decorated with green garlands and red poinsettias. Lovely! Actually, any one of these beautiful amco mailboxes would be a beautiful decor in every lawn, especially those amco victorian mailboxes. How lovely and romantic they look amidst green grass, or even when surrounded with snow. Pedestal mailboxes are my favorites. They posses a distinct elegance. These elegant mailboxes are not just decorative, they are also sturdy and safe. They have good locking device and a lot of the styles can also be personalized.

Tomorrow, we will drive around the neighborhood again. I will take photos of the beautiful mailboxes and the Christmas decors and pick up some decorating styles that I can combine with what I already have.


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