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Friday, December 3, 2010

Picnic in New York

It would be too early to talk about picnic and outings, but because it has been a bit too cold here in Arizona, my sister and I can't help but talk about summer destinations. Her church group here in Arizona has been planning to drive to Colorado and go on a quick detour to visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, but my husband, Doods, and I have visited those places already. This summer, I want to visit New York because of the beautiful location shoot-outs I've seen in the movies. Like the quaint store "Serendipity" from the movie of the same name and that lovely bridge where Tom Hanks met Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail. You've guessed it, I'm a hopeless romantic!

Some of our friends in New York has been inviting us to see them for a long time now. They said there are a lot of lovely places in NY where people frequently visit. With my nieces tagging along, they said would be a good idea to go on a picnic. Children always love to run around outdoors. My friends mentioned picnic catering ny, the people who do the catering service for their company picnics. They are not just limited to NY, they also have picnic catering nj. I am excited to explore New York this summer. I might even meet with some blogging buddies who are NY based. Yay!


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