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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sell Online!

Ever heard of ebay? Who hasn't! Most of us were able to buy hard-to-find  items, if not sell some in ebay. Actually, am a regular ebayer. I have won several practical and not-so-practical items through the auctions there. I also patronize several ebay stores. Likewise, I was able to sell a lot of items in ebay. I have even marketed some of my scrapbook pages in ebay.

I like doing business online because it allows me flexibility. Selling online is a good sideline. There is a huge market because everybody goes online  nowadays. Also, I have control over my time. I am not pressed for deadlines and such. The only thing that's holding me back are the items I sell. When I had plenty of time -before my nieces moved in with us- I had time to make scrapbook pages or personalized wooded plaques to sell, but now, hardly. My friend, and co-teacher, Mike, mentioned about his brother's ebay store. His brother buys his wholesale products from wholesalers that are also found online. Amazing how flexible these wholesale suppliers are. Short of saying, you can sell almost anything you like and still get it with at wholesale price.

Methinks, given much attention, selling online can be a a very good sideline. Who knows, you might even give up your career and do this full time!


RNSANE said...

I used to do a lot of shopping on ebay but not so much anymore...since I lost my job nearly two years ago, I just haven't had the money. I did find some wonderful things I really wanted, though...some hard to find items that I could't find elsewhere. I've never tried selling anything, though. Usually I use Craig's list for that.

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