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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Skiing Season is Here!

Winter is here, and my favorite thing to do in the snow is ski with my husband! I always feel a rush when we pack our bags, set our home security alarm from securitychoice, and take off for a weekend away at Stevens Pass or Snoqualmie Pass! My husband has been skiing on Mount Spokane since he was about four years old, and when we started dating one of the first things he taught me was how to ski! He is an awesome skier, and can even do jumps and flips. I'll never be that good, but over the years I have gotten better and better, to the point of at least keeping up with him! Now we try to enjoy four or five weekends on the slopes of Stevens Pass and Snoqualmie Pass each winter. Both ski areas have several chair lifts and ski runs at easy to moderate to advanced levels, so learning to ski is easier. The resorts also have nice, cozy lodges with fireplaces and comfortable chairs to relax in when the weather is a little too cold, or our bodies are just sore from a day of skiing. Next year we plan to try out a few of the ski areas up in Columbia, Canada!


George said...

It sounds as if you will have a lot of fun this winter. I hope you'll get pictures.

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