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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Credit Scores

Recently my carpool friend, Poorva, bought a brand new Nissan Rogue. Truth is it's about time to get rid of her old Hyundai Elantra because it has been well used, and has consumed a lot of mileage already. It was high time for her to get a well-deserved brand new car because she has been working real hard. Also on the practical side,  she need a vehicle in very good condition because of the distance of our commute -40 minutes one way. We can't risk a breakdown -yikes.

Poorva got a very good deal with her Nissan Rogue because of her outstanding credit score. Over the years, people will get different credit scores. It's best to purchase a car or get a mortgage on a house whenever their credit scores are high, so that they can get low interest rate. That's what Poorva did, and she was able to save a lot of money.


Self Sagacity said...

I haven't bought a card through financing in so long, it's scary to think about it. Last time I bought a car through the fleet manager, so-so easy!

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