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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Digital SLR @ Mission Beach

On our recent trip to San Diego California, my three nieces had a blast tidepooling. Their Aunt Betchai, another blogging friend of mine introduced them to it. We visited several beaches among a few of San Diego's finest, we visited Mision beach, Cabrillo and Torrey Pines. I myself have never had a chance to do tidepooling. Doods and I really enjoyed it. My nieces can't get enough of it.

My niece, Miriam, enjoying a splash @ Mission beach

A tide pool is a puddle of water left when the ocean recedes. This occurs during low tide. It is easy to find many interesting animals and seaweeds in a tide pool. My nieces saw lots of mussels and sea anemones. My friend, Beth and her husband, Khai, went tidepooling again yesterday at Cabrillo in San Diego and found several star fish, octopus and even a lobster.

It is important to have a good camera ready during explorations such as these. Preferably a digital LSR. A point-and-shoot is ok, but if you want high resolution guarantee, go for a DSLR. Nothing beats sharp pictures that posses depth.

On every trip, we always bring home beautiful memories, and thanks to our DSLR, wonderful photographs as well.


George said...

This is an excellent picture of your niece. You obviously have a good DSLR camera and know how to use it.

RNSANE said...

Our California coast, both north and south, is filled with spectacular beaches and wonderful tide pools. I wish you had been able to head up our way, Tes. Just about thirty miles from my house is Ano Nuevo, a marine reserve with elephant seals, sluggish creatures, not so beautiful as their slim counterparts, that live and breed. Rangers take you about and teach you and you can also visit the tide pools there. Monterey is beautiful with its world famous aquarium and I love to see the regular seals and the cute sea otters cavorting in the water.

Self Sagacity said...

i love the pictures you take of your nieces by the water. they are so candid and innocent.

kulasa said...

such a lovely girl:)

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