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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Inexpensive Medical Insurance

Some seven years ago, most of my co-teachers who uprooted to move here in America got here with an H1-B visa (work visa).  Having H1-B visa (work visa) is really good because it enables the visa holder to take his/her family abroad. The children and/or spouses of H1-B visa holders have an H-4 visa (dependent visa). Despite the different types of visa, anybody who comes here in America enjoys almost the same benefits and privileges as that of the locals. The only thing  the H1-B holder has to consider is the health insurance for the non-working family member, the dependents. Until otherwise, granted the work authorization permit, which takes about three years, all members having a dependent visa (H4) can not avail of any type of work yet. Not having work can translate to not having healthcare insurance benefits. With proper research and good advice, several of my co-teachers were able to find some inexpensive health care insurance packages for the whole family.

Now, most of my co-teachers and their family are green card holders, some are even citizens. Those of them who have benefited from these inexpensive healthcare insurance packages has never failed to pass on the information to other co-teachers who have newly arrived here in America and are in need of the same reasonably-priced insurance packages for their loved ones.


RNSANE said...

Maybe things will change but, right now,insurance is not easily available to everyone as it is in some countries. One never knows when, out of the blue, one might need to be hospitalized - 2010 saw me in the hospital twice and in the ER five times - I am so fortunate to have had good health insurance that continued after my retirment and now, old gal that I am, it is supplemented by Medicare.

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