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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Addition To Our Yard

My husband, Doods and I, and our three nieces drove to San Diego after Christmas for the reunion of The Salitype Society, and to visit long time blogging buddy, Betchai, of Joys of Simple Life. Her lush garden of succulents were already over-spilling on the pathway so Beth gave me several of her plants. Her garden is beautiful and filled with every hue of green.

Check out what Beth gave me for adoption. Beth gave me several cuttings of her lush green succulents, and she even pulled some out some -roots and all.

I can't wait to be home in Houston to plant these healthy succulents. I am seriously considering getting some indoor planters. I use to have an indoor planter, but it has been put-away because the plant I had on it was high maintenance, and despite all efforts to make it thrive, it died. But these succulents that Beth and Khai gave us are low maintenance. Beth even told me, she has been slightly neglectful of their garden, but every time they visit, the garden is looking good. These succulents were planted in their yard around the house, so am planning to get a lot of outdoor planters. I do not want to shock our newly adopted plants by placing them on our yard right away. For starters, I will put them in an outddor planter. Thank you, Beth and Khai for these  lovely, healthy and low-maintenance addition to our yard.


George said...

You have some great-looking succulents to plant around your home. We have quite a few in our yard which do quite well, and I'm sure yours will do well.

betchai said...

you are so welcome Tes, I am sure they will do well in their new home, your home. I am so happy you took them for they needed a new home for they are crowding our place.

RNSANE said...

Every time you see them, Tes, you will remember the wonderful visit you had to San Diego and your plants should thrive in Houstonj. Succulents are so hardy.

Self Sagacity said...

the succulents looks very healthy and extremely happy. have fun with them

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