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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tabasco Tradition

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

My three nieces -Cate, Yam and Becca are die-hard pizza lovers. But instead of the ready-made kind, they like to make their own. This way, they have the option to experiment on the sauce and ingredients (toppings). Each one of them have a particular way of doing their pizza. The two younger ones feast on too many types of cheese -before and after baking! Those two just can't get enough of cheese. My eldest niece on the other hand loves to experiment with the pizza sauce. She even tried a jar of marinara sauce and ketchup (hahaha). But after tasting TABASCO® Original Red, she stopped trying on other sauces. It's now her favorite!

Every Sunday our family come together to watch football -the whole clan is into it by the way-  the one thing we can't leave behind is TABASCO® Original Red. My nieces love it on their pizza, My sister and I can't have quesadilla without it, and my husband and brother-in-law loves it on their burrito and hot wings. TABASCO® Original Red is already part of our game-day tradition.

TABASCO® Original Red is "So Much More Than Hot." It unlocks and enhances the flavor of food so you can get the best of every bite. Original Red was the first sauce introduced by the McIlhenny family back in 1868 and continues to be their most popular sauce of 6 total sauces.

TABASCO® Original Red is not about heat for heat’s sake. It’s about what heat does to the flavor of food. The simple combination of salt, red pepper, and vinegar are perfected in a 3-year aging process that produces a hot sauce with the uncanny ability to bring the most out of your food. Other hot sauces add their own specific flavor to food. TABASCO® Original Red simply enhances the flavor of food.

Check out the  Game-Day Party Menu for some simple ideas & recipes for food everyone loves!
If you are like my nieces who find it thrilling to invent their own pizza then you might want to check out  Pizza Perfected for countless pizza perfect  ideas.

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wenn said...

i love pizza..

betchai said...

haha, i am like your nieces Tes, I prefer to make my own pizza, and weird it may be, I experiment the toppings too, and weird ti may sound but one of my favorite toppings is spicy bamboo shoots, tofu, with lots of Tabasco :)

oh, love quesadilla with tabasco too :)

gee, why have i forgotten to serve that to you guys?

haha, i need to write about this too, but still lazy, but i have a few days :)

sweetmemoirs said...

like yam & cate, i love cheese! lots of cheese! hehehe!
hubby loves Tabasco, he can almost finish the small bottle in one sitting at pizza hut. ;)

Self Sagacity said...

Great job with the Tobasco history. I enjoyed reading about it.

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