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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funeral Insurance

A year ago, my sister gave birth to their fourth child. A baby girl, Monica Grace, their fourth. Yes, four lovely daughters -all younger than 14! Yes, they are pro-life! I can see how wonderful it is to have kids that are not ages apart. The thing with children of the same-age-bracket -especially same sex (all girls)- has a lot of pros, especially in terms of sharing and er..hand-me-downs. *winks* It's a good thing my third niece isn't  so picky, she doesn't ming at all that she once in a while she gets hand-me0downs. Of course, she understands that her eldest sister has bigger responsibilities in terms of household chores, so it kinda works out. My sister did a good job with the give and take practice in her home.

One of the cons, with the same-age-bracket thingy is the fact that nobody would be old enough to man the household should something happen to mom and dad, something none of us ever want, but had to think about. I mean with the eldest only 13 and with three younger sisters, my sister just had to think of everything, including the possibilities of accidents, even death. She and her husbands made sure they have funeral insurance.

With a huge household like theirs, bills just roll like rapids, and so should their income! Geez! Their income is something that they should also protect. Having an income insurance assures them of a smooth flow of income despite sickness or injury. It is wise to invest on these things. It is consoling  to know your options. Real insurance offers financial security that we all need. It is stressful to live like a worry-wart. My sister did a good job in seeing to these things.


Bournemouth Hen said...

I know there is a main beneficiary, but why do the other siblings all have to sign off on the paperwork when it comes to the funeral arrangements and such?

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