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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Raining!

Today, I woke up to the sound of pouring rain! Unlike other rainy days, today is different. Today's downpour can literally save homes and wild life. It has not rained for a long while - the plants are wilted, the grass has turned crunchy and it's just so humid everywhere. Some days ago, wild fire broke and consumed a lot of wild life and homes! It still blazes as I type...

I grabbed my camera and ran to our bathroom and took this shot.

I lifted the glass to get a clearer shot of the rain, but I can't focus on the raindrops, it kept zooming on the yard!

At least the plants are looking wet from where I stand. I can almost hear the plants partying! I have been doing a rain dance with them for a long time now! Horay for rain!

I raced downstairs to capture the spout

Alas, the raindrops seem to contrast on my neighbors black truck and can now be seen through my lens!

The streets shimmer with rain! It makes me want to dance in the rain!

Can you see the rain?

Rain, rain, please do NOT go away
Kill the wildfire and make our wildlife stay
Hear me and my plants as we pray
Rain, rain please dance and stay!


betchai said...

I am so inspired by this post, Tes, made me teary eyed as I can feel your happiness with the pouring of the rain, so, I pray with you...."rain please stay, keep the wildfire away and let wildlife stay, yes rain, please dance with the plants and stay until the wildfire is totally exhausted!"

PS....I was in blogging frenzy, my friend who saw my post about Yosemite without the hikes decided to go to Yosemite next week via Mono Lake. Coming from LA, they may arrive at Mono Lake early enough before sunset, so I had to write Alabama Hills as an option for a short detour and to help her identify the arch :) Plus, to cover up my paid post about hdmi cable. Tjanks for your comment there Tes, happy blogging to both of us :)

SquirrelQueen said...

It's good to see rain falling down your way. Keeping those wildfires away is always good. We have had lots of rain this spring but the summer will bring dryness and possible fires. But nothing like your area.

Icy BC said...

We have rain, on and off, for three days now! The earth is happy, and I find other things to do :-)

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