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Monday, July 4, 2011

Shrimp and Bacon Kebab

K is for Kebab
Shrimp and bacon kebab grilled @ the yard during one of those rarely-cool summer days here in Texas. 

Served with steamed broccoli in sesame seeds

Jenny Matlock hosts this cool meme! Thanks, Jenn!
Jenny Matlock

This is first entry for Food trip Friday. I discovered this cool meme from my blogger friend, Cher of Sweet Memoirs
Thank you, Cher!


betchai said...

oh Tes, I would sure enjoy a feast in your home with these foods, you and Doods are a chef when it comes to presentation. I never thought the bacon can be rolled to shrimp :) Can you please pass some to me?

I make broccoli the same way like you do too, I sprinkle with freshly toasted sesame seeds, I love toasting sesame seeds because of the aroma.

ladyviral said...

Wow *slurps* oops... drooling

Looks yummy~ I want to grill some too, but sadly I live in a HDB flat... can't smoke up my house can I now :p

Keri said...

A rarely-cool summer day in Texas... LOL I feel like we've been over a hundred every day for a few weeks now in DFW. I might just have to grill anyway though. These look good!

Jingle said...

wholesome and yummy.

Ames said...

Those look gooood!~Ames

Pat said...

Never thought of putting the two together, but they sure look delish!

SquirrelQueen said...

Yummy, I would never have thought of wrapping shrimp with bacon. I'll bet it is delicious.

Icy BC said...

Looks so good right now since it's lunch time for me..

Splendid Little Stars said...

a feast!

Evelyn said...

Wow, yummm!

myorii said...

Oh, those kebobs look so incredibly delicious! Makes me hungry just looking at them :)

Jenny said...

I would never have thought of putting bacon on a kebab, but I love the idea!

It might be fun to make meatballs and do kind of a play on a bacon cheeseburger kabob!

And the broccoli looks scrumptious, too.

Thanks for a delicious link!


RNSANE said...

Now, I would have LOVED to join your family for that dinner, Tes!

seo new york said...

If Muslims refuse to serve bacon on their chicken and beef burgers in their european style chippies and kebab houses then what exactly is the pepperoni they serve as advertised on their pizzas made from?

seo manchester said...

Samantha, I think you mean the best way not beast way. Horse meat is very lean and you need to be careful, I would brown it first, then do it in the oven.

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