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Monday, July 4, 2011

New Cook

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

I’ve been growing some of my own herbs, and therefore been cooking up a storm! I don’t know why all of a sudden I’ve gotten the chef bug but I feel like I’m in my kitchen at least 2 hours a day preparing something, which is a lot for me. I talked to my husband since I’m running that oven all the time now and he said he’d look into it. I know he’s enjoying all the homecooked food I’ve been serving him and I would be too, if I were getting to eat all that meatloaf! I can’t because of my diet but I guess I’m kind of living vicariously through Jim…that’s pretty much par for the course! I’ve been sending large batches into his office and he says the guys are just eating them up. That makes me so happy to hear and it’s good to know all my time behind the stove isn’t being spent in vain! At least someone’s getting to enjoy the delicious food I’ve been preparing all month!


RNSANE said...

I don't cook very much anymore, with my three sons out of the house and just me...but, in my years of travel about the world, my cookbook collection is over 500 and I even used to cater. Cooking has always been such fun but it is much harder now for me, at 66, with all my arthritic aches and pains. I can't stand for long hours at a stove, either.

seo new york said...

Snarky: nope not the answer i'm looking for. This isn't a personal crusade against Muslims, its all to do with food description laws. If it isn't what its advertised as then it should carry a disclaimer.

seo manchester said...

curd rice or milk rice can be gd options as they are nutritious. do u kno poha or upma reciepies? u can get indian taste & easy too.

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