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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Door With A Statement

Since it's October, our school, like many others, is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of the many interesting activities is the Door Decorating Contest. Contest or not, I got excited when I heard about it. I welcome every opportunity to work on something am passionate about. I worked on my door and transformed it into an inspiration board that would greet me each morning as I come to school.

I had my regular tests and scans done last week and the results are very good. I have been in remission for two years and 10 months now. I can't wait to be out of the three-year window... and beyond! For now, let's live, laugh, love... just celebrate life!

Did I mention my door won first place? Teehee. Like what I said, contest or not... 

but who wouldn't be thrilled with these dainty, pink stuff -especially the pink carry-all and the fluffy socks and towel!

To the Door Decorating Committee, thank you, guys! Love each piece.

And the race continues...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yucca Flowers

Behold the yucca flowers. These photos were taken last spring during one of our long drives to my sister's house in Arizona. We came across these lovely blooms spread everywhere for miles and miles in the vast Arizona desert.  A breath-taking sight. We just had to pull-over to capture a fraction of the beautiful experience.

Jenny Matlock

I'd like to thank the gracious hosts of Today's Flowers, Luiz, Denise, Pupo and Sandy
To see more wonderful blooms, click on the badge below.

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