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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Calgary Homes

Looking for apartment or house for rent in Calgary? Look no more with Calgary houses for rent.

My co-teachers, Purva and Preti  both have Canadian residency even while they work in America.  They cannot make up their minds where to live permanently. When they left the country –India- they decided to apply residency in Canada because they like the privileges accorded to Canadian citizens, esp. the medical benefits. But a job opportunity in the US was available, so they moved to the US and retained the residency in Canada. However, one of our common friends, Ravi, decided to push through with the citizenship in Canada and left US. He and his family moved to Calgary and have found a delightful house for rent.

I spoke to him some time back and he said they have no regrets in moving to Calgary. They opted to live in the city (instead of the rural areas) and enjoy the amenities offered by a typical metropolis.   They boast of a quality life with low cost of living, low crime rate, job opportunities and most of all, A+ medical benefit. They did not even have to wait long to find some houses for rent. All they have to do is rely on an online locator and several options were presented to them –apartment, loft, condo, house. These make things easier. It even saves them time and effort to shop on wheels.


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