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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gift Ideas

Family Cook Book Project
Family traditions are not complete without those family recipes that have been handed down from generations to generations. Something that has been part of our family and our traditions. Grandma's pumpkin soup or tamale pie casserole. Something akin to an heirloom. Something we want to leave behind with our children.

This Christmas, give your wife, husband, mom, dad, grandma or yourself something exquisite. Collect those family recipes and work on putting it together through this Family Cook Book Project!

Personalized Technology Products
Rocking your brains out about what to give your boss this Christmas? Check this out! The season for giving is just around the corner, why not start early with a list and some personalized gifts. One of these Pexagon products might be the item you're looking for!


RNSANE said...

No boss for me anymore, Tes, so I'll just buy myself the gifts I'd give a boss, how about that! My present to me is India...if I ever get out of this house and on my way!

betchai said...

great deals Tes, thanks for sharing, i got distracted shopping but haven't bought any but so many i liked :) and the prices are WOW!

Sharon Wagner said...

I'm posting recipes on Wednesdays now. Except for free. Shoot.

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