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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Science Fair Project for Fifth and Fourth Graders

Here's a Science Fair Project that my fifth grade niece performed.  The materials are easily available and not at all difficult to find. The experiment is exciting and interesting, not to mention easy. So easy that she was able to share the trick with a lot of her friends and classmates and they were able to perform the experiment a couple more times long after the Science fair was over.

baking soda, balloon, water, vinegar, funnel

With a marker, draw a line on the narrow-mouth bottle to indicate an inch and another inch on top of the first.

Label the lines with WATER on top, and VINEGAR on the bottom.
Pour vinegar all the way to the first line.

Then add water until it reach the second line.

Your concoction should look something like this.

Now fill one-half of a deflated balloon with  BAKING SODA 

Without spilling the baking soda, stretch the opening of the balloon on the mouth of the narrow-necked bottle. 

When balloon is securely attached to the opening of the bottle, release the baking soda inside the bottle

Watch as the mixture slowly inflates the balloon

See the powerful reaction when you mix water, vinegar and baking soda.

Baking soda particles settle in the mouth of the bottle

Amazing huh! Now, it's your turn to try it!

Good luck and Keep safe!


Whitemist said...

nice and simple and safe - not like what I did at that age....

Pat said...

Looks interesting and fun!

George said...

This looks like a fun experiment. I can see why it was popular with the kids.

betchai said...

ahhh, one of my favorite fun times with the kids :) great experiment for kids to love Science Tes, thanks for sharing.

kim said...

wow! sounds cool!

Windie said...

Hey Girl! A usual your blog rocks. Call me we have so...much to talk about. I'm back to blogging. It's not easy with the new baby.How is everybody? I miss you.

Melissa said...

We have actually tried something very similar to this. These simple little Science experiments are so awesome for kids.

berita terbaru said...

very cool experiment.. i like it

waptrick said...

can i try this experiment?? very nice to try this

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