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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Working from Home

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

My uncle has worked for a major company for many years and had a pretty high level position. When the economy started going bad, his company gave him the option to retire early with a pretty good pension. My uncle decided to take the offer and retire early. He thought it would be better to go ahead and do that now than wait around and see if he might get laid off with downsizing later. He decided to open his own consulting business and work out of his house in Rockford, Illinois. My aunt decided to quit her job and work with his as his assistant. His business has become pretty productive, and now he had to hire a couple more people to keep up with everything. This involved having to purchase a lot of expensive computer equipment that he kept in his house. Once he bought the equipment, he had to get a security system from ADT Security Rockford because he did not want to risk someone breaking in and stealing everything that he had invested so much money into. I am considering going to work for him because he has made me an offer that I don’t think I can refuse. My kids are in school now, and we could certainly use the extra money.


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