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Monday, January 14, 2013

How To Make Wrap Bracelet

Wrap Bracelets are amazing fashion statement. This style comes in many kinds. There is the single wrap, the double wrap (wraps around the wrist two times) and it can go as many as four or five wraps.  It can be beaded, braided, knotted and the list goes on. You can use leather, hemp, nylon and even yarn. As it is called, wrap bracelets wrap around the wrist as oppose to the traditional bracelets that hang loosely around the wrist.

This is one of the ways to create a single wrap bracelet. For this style, I used nylon.

 Thread your button at the loop. Your button will serve as the bracelet's toggle

Create a knot near to the button to secure the toggle button from moving.

Create another knot about a centimeter away from the first knot. This knot will create space so that you can pull your toggle inside the cord clasp and at the same time secure the beads in place.

Clip the other end of your nylon thread in a steady clip board. In this case, I used my heavy magnifying beading tool to hold the ends tightly together as I string the beads.

In this style, I chose to use small gold beads as additional  embellishments. This is not a necessity.

String about 3 inches of the embellishment beads. You can space them later as you string the bigger beads

You may use beading needle or even the ordinary sewing needle to attach your beads to your cord.

Create a knot at the end of your beading thread and string your first bead. This bead will serve as the lock that will attach the rest of the beads to the knot.

Now, you are ready to string your beads around the cords -upper and lower cord

From the knot, secure your bead to the upper cord by looping your thread to the upper cord then let your needle pass through the bead hole. Do the same on the lower cord.  

See the loop around the cord? Here, the thread passed through the bead. Pull the thread tighter. Now, loop the thread to the lower cord to secure the bead completely.

Repeat the process with the rest of the beads until you reach your desired length.

There goes the second bead. Add the gold embellishment in between the threads on the cord.

Here is  the third bead. See the embellishments in between the threads?

Continue the process. Do not forget to add your gold embellishment beads
Half way through

Almost at the end.

When you reach your desired length, close your bracelet with a knot.

Continue to thread the beads. To lock the beads more securely at the end of the bracelet, repeat the threading process going back as far as the third or fourth bead. You will feel the beads become strongly attach to the cord as you double the threading process.

See the double threading on the cord near the knot? On the third bead, you may cut the thread. Apply a dab of super glue to avoid the thread from fraying.

Create another knot to serve as the clasp of your toggle button.

Voila, your bracelet is ready!
This is the simple six-and-a half-inch single wrap. Feel free to make it longer and create a double or triple wrap! Have fun!
If you have questions, just leave me a message (and your email address) on the comment box. I'll try to answer your inquiries, as best I can.


betchai said...

this is so beautiful Tes, miss you much, so love the combination of beads in this bracelet wrap.

RNSANE said...

Really, really nice. At one time I would've enjoyed making something like that. Now, I would pay for it!

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