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Monday, January 14, 2013

Using Small Charms to Create Stud Earrings

Some time back, one of my customers asked me if I have hamsa earrings. I have a pair or two dangling hamsa earrings in my shop and I shared the link with her. She said she wants smaller ones, and the stud version. She mentioned seeing a hamsa charm from one of the baby bracelets in my shop and that she likes how it looks and the size -but in stud version. I told her I'll email her as soon as I find something from the bead shops that I go to. I didn't find anything, but I do have lots of those small hamsa charms so I experimented with it. Let me share some photos of what I did.

We can use small charms to create stud earrings. Actually  it is easier to find charms in beading shops than flat backs (flat back beads are the beads used for stud earrings)

This is the small hamsa charm that my customer saw dangling  in one of the baby bracelets in my shop

Bend the O using a cutter or fliers until it is completely off

The O is off the charm

Use nail file to make the edges where you took the O off smooth

Apply super glue on the earring back

Attach it to your stud

Do the same with the other pair

Voila and your studs are ready!

The size is perfect for the stud that my customer is requesting for. 


wenn said...

wow, that's creative!

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